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Dom-prov is a SMASH HIT! Thanks to our great audience we will be running Dom-prov Every Saturday at 10pm. It's improv with a safe word. For Adults Only! Tickets are $10



"It was a theater experience unlike any I've ever seen anywhere, let alone in Portland." yelp reviewer

"Holy Crap you guys are great I will be back" facebook fan


Domprov May 10th, 17th. 31st 10pm

Tickets Are $10 

Short form improv show lead by a leather dominatrix. Players will play games and be rewarded or punished which are oddly similar. Have a bad scene and you get pelted by marshmallows from the audience and yelled at by a Eastern European Dom. This is not your mother’s improv. This show is 21 and over!

" I laughed so hard for 2 hours that I cried repeatedly, I almost wet my pants at one point and my cheeks were still sore the next afternoon. " yelp reviewer

"OMFG. Dom-Prov--These guys are SO hilarious. We laughed damn hard and had a great time." yelp reviewer

"Domprov was hillarious, Thanks for the hard work" facebook fan


All shows are at the Funhouse Lounge, located at 2432 SE 11th ave.